On Heron island!!!

Welcome to Heron island. Today we saw baby sea turtles hatching as soon as we arrived. What a great welcome. But the pesky seagulls caught and ate several baby turtle hatchlings.

On our last day we saw a large shovel nose shark, eagle rays black tip reef sharks and a sea turtle. Totally awesome trip to the island…..

My trip to Australia

My family came to Australia for a wedding.  The trip was 22 hours.  Our first day was at The Australia Zoo.  I got to feed kangaroos, pet koalas and see tons of other animals!  My moms friend got married and she was the grooms maid and got to speak in front of everyone.  At the wedding I got to meet my pen pal for the first time.  Her name is Addison.  She is great!  There were baby fresh water turtles that hatched after the wedding.  It was really cool.  All of the kids went swimming in the pool for hours after the wedding because it was so hot.  We have been at the beach for the last 3 days and tomorrow we start driving towards where my mom went to school to become a marine biologist.  I’m having a great time!  What animal would you like me to find while I’m here and post a picture of?

Favorite Animals!

This is my backyard. I saw 4 deer. Can you find them all?

What is your favorite animal? Mine is a zebra! zebra – Bing images